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When did your harmonic (crankshaft) balancer fail?

Although this forum has a excellent long sticky thread initiated by benzmac concerning the failure of the M112 V6 harmonic balancer on models 1998-2000, I thought I would start a thread that simply asks people to enter the car model and year, failure date and mileage. This would be a simple thread to easily scan to compile data on these failures.

Hopefully Mercedes will someday treat this as a recall, and those that have paid to have it repair will be compensated. This thread could be a good start to having quick and easily obtained failure data. If your balancer hasn't failed, don't respond to this thread. The results should give us a clear picture of how many of us are experiencing failures and maybe a correlation can be drawn between model year and mileage. If you have questions regarding the problem, refer to the post by benzmac.

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