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No problem.
There are several ways to defuel it, mostly it would be best to do these in a shop.
To start with I'd defuel it using a fuel caddy. It's pretty easy to do on a 124 chassis, the defuel (suction) hose lays down into the tank pretty well.
You can also choose to run the tank nearly dry just by driving it, and letting the fuel pump get the rest of it out, or just pull the supply line from the tank to the pump off and let it run into the top of the caddy using a large funnel (this is the fastest way, but lots of fumes and almost requires the car to be on the hoist).
The fumes never bothered me much, maybe that's why I am like I am .
With the 124 and other cars with out-of-the-tank pumps it opens up different options like this. With the 202 you are limited because of the "saddle" tank design.
Why do you need to defuel it, BTW? The sender unit goes in from the trunk and you'd be safe removing it if you are down to about 1/2 a tank.

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