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Trying to respond to all post thus far

Greetings and Thanks for the replies,

First for chuck Taylor, you are definitely dedicated to keeping your Benz running strong with the research and troubleshooting you do to keep it running. My question to you is whether or not your car actually acted up at idle but never died as mine does. Mine goes into this bumping, missing fit if left to idle to long after warm up and chugs it's way out of it at 2000 rpm after you start accelerating. It has never stalled yet in this condition, even with the a/c on. Also wanted to ask you if the air flow position sensor is a part that can be bought seperate from the air flow meter, or not? I wish I had the high tech equipment to test this out but all I have at this point is a vom for electrical troubleshooting which is basically all I needed as my other Benz is a diesel, wish the wife could stand the racket of the engine and switch, but that's another story.

To Zorin, I'm not quite sure where the relationship is between the alternator and the fuel/air system of this car are, but if you have hidden info, please reveal it.

To Mike, I can only feel for you at this point in time and if you don't recieve any answers to your post please stay tuned to mine. I noticed your post first thing after signing on, so it must be pretty common from all the search responses I've read this week, and various fixes have help several, so who knows at this point. I'd just like to not have to spend $1000.00 to find out the problem was a $50.00 fix, not good economics and it would actually piss me off in the process when the kids need clothes and other supplies and I spent the money on replacable troubleshooting.

Keep the ideas coming,

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