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On my old 4wd Civic, the water pump bearing started singing on me at the start of a cross-country trip (280,000km on engine, although I had just rebuilt it - water pump looked fine at the time). It got a bit louder one day after I reached my destination, so I pulled into the local shop. It literally failed catastophically (seizure and massive coolant loss) as I parked my car at the shop. $600.00 was what it cost to replace, as the Honda pump is driven by the cam belt, so a lot of things have to come apart. There was no telltale cooland leakage as it was the bearing that let go. Next came a $600.00 failure of the brand new head gasket. Apparently MB is not the only company capable of producing bad gaskets. I now engage in the 'while I'm in there, what else should I replace?' school of preventive maintenance. My MBs have not been cheap to run, but everyone who rides with me comments how nice my car is, and it has never left me (knock wood).
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