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Mark Herzig
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I'm looking at buying a '85 300D. Looks like the engine was well taken care of but the body is in med-poor condition. The car is pearl-gray. The roof and hood has heavy oxidation shots and the hood has as lot of scratches. It was painful to touch the surface because there was no wax or protectorant and the car was sitting out in the Houston sun/heat.

Anyway, I now have Mcgiars #9,7,26,34 and an orbital polisher. I'm just curious if I stand a chance of even halfway restoring the paint (willing to sacrifice days!) with these large oxidation areas about the size of a shoe print.

Thanks for a great site! maybe you'll could carry detailing products along with the parts supplies. i.e. flitz would be nice.. also a source for quality terry-cloth towels; the "Lee S." autographed ones!

Mark Herzig
1992 500E (82,000 miles)
1987 300SDL (105,000)

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