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Lee Scheeler
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Hey Mark,
Sounds like a good, functional car. You may not get it to concours shape, but you can make it look as good or better than most ordinary cars. I assume from your previous post that you are not buying this car to be a garage queen. (or even princess) The oxidation of that thickness is a good news/bad news deal. On the one hand it HAS been neglected to reach that state. The good news is that sometimes the top layer(s) of oxidation acts as a protective barrier to what is underneath. You have all you need with the #'s and orbital. This is one instance where the Mirror Glaze numbered line has a distinct advantage over the "gold class" stuff. Its more individualized nature will let you work the problems more specifically.

Before you start the restoration project be sure to have 8-10 terry bonnets for the orbital. The oxidation that you remove will build up on them rather quickly. Once they turn 90%+ black it is time to turn them inside out. Take the flipped bonnet and run it to 90+% blackness. At that time, just pop on a new one.

I'd advise using #9 first and doing 2-3 goings over with it. (go over car with buffer and #9, then remove with terry hand towels) After you have done that it will make doing the 2-3 (or more if necessary) applications of #7 much easier and better looking. When you can go over an area with #7 and not get any black residue you know your done. What you remove should appear dark green but not black.

I've noticed a big benefit from using an orbital with #9, not much of a benefit from using it with #7. Speaking as far as pure visual results of course... On a job this size the orbital saves your shoulders, neck, back, hands, etc, that is its main benefit.

When your done removing all the oxidation with #7, the #26 will protect your labor very nicely. If everything is in good shape it should apply and remove pretty easily. Save the #34 for trim, doorjams, and other areas that only need minor cleaning and dressing up. Let me know how it turns out.

Hope this helps...Lee
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