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Opinions about the balancer failure recall effort with NHTSA

Key thing with NHTSA is the 'Volume' of complaints related to same part or equipment. Yes, its no big deal to point to NHTSA that the gouged oil pan or timing belt cover would cause catastrophic injury/accident. Obviously, we can't claim unless it happeened to us. For sure, when it reaches a 100 complaints, we will be contacted, and an investigation would be launched. at that point, some of us will be contacted. Also, we SHOULD complain about every vehicle, with similar failure, but trying to classify the type of failure is the key. (I have seen some folks complaining as 'cooling syustem failure' and some as powertrain failure). This failure is all that.

I believe that this forum may not be the appropriate place to discuss actual strategy, as there are implications to the forum facilitator, from legal action etc., from the defending parties. Obviously, we can only 'state facts' and experiences here. We will do emails for the rest. Please call me or contact me by email if you are contributing/recruiting/educating others to lodge complaints.

Yes, we should complain about MLs, C320s, and C280 and so on.

NHTSA is interested in all 'trend ' of failure situations.

Please take a moment and LET AT LEAST ONE PERSON you know to launch their personal complaint.


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