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Edited for One question???
Skid plate?? This is a 81 300TD correct? 123 did not have skid plates. Or do you have a different car or a modification to the car???

You have an oil leak. I would suggest spraying the entire engine with gunk engine cleaner. Let it soak for 30 mins and then use a high pressure washer to clean the engine as much as possible.
Now drive it for a day and see if you can figure out were the leak is.

OK so you want to replace the oil pan gasket and turbo oil output Orings.

It is an easy job.
Jack up the car and place it on jack stands. Strong and high jack stands for the easiest acess to the oil pan and turbo Orings.

Drain the oil and you might as well replace the oil filter.

Unbolt all the allen bolts that hold on the oil pan. Make sure to keep them in order. Some are different, longer, which you will see.

Clean the pan and engine base completely, no metal tools, you don't want to gouge the metal surfaces.

While you have the pan off, check for metal in the pan and then completely clean it.

I found it best to have the pan off while R+R the turbo oil tube Oring.

To R+R the Oring unbolt the tube that is attached to the turbo. the upper tube slips over the lower tube and the Oring is at the top of the lower tube. The lower tube goes into the top section of the oil pan and has a gasket that should be replaced.

To remove both tubes you unbolt the top as said, and rotate ( by this I mean push perpendicular to the oil tube at the center joint, where the two tubes meet) the upper and lower tube so that they will separate at the middle joint. IF your lower turbo tube oil pan gasket, item #95, is original and hard. You may have to dig it out of the upper oil pan with a screwdriver, small of course, to get it to release. Mine was hard so I had to do this. Be careful not to gouge the metal so that you don't create another oil leak.

Parts of the lower tube gasket may fall into the oil pan, that is why I liked dong this job with the oil pan off the car.

Install the new lower gasket ( #95), both Orings(#93) and the new upper gasket (#90). Do this by fitting in the lower gasket. Insert the lower tube, with the new Oring, into the gasket and then the new upper Oring. Slide the upper tube down onto the lower tube and bolt the upper tube to the turbo with a new upper gasket.

To ease the instalation of the Orings and gaskets you can use engine oil on the parts to allow them to assemble easier.

Install the oil pan gasket and bolt the oil pan onto the engine. Torque the bolts evenly and DO NOT OVER TORQUE or you will warp the oil pan. Install the new oil and filter.

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