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Water pumps/ Water Pumps _ I just posted that I have replaced so many -- mostly on MBs -- My 88Mercedes SL needed one last year with 44K -- My Jag just had its replaced at 75K -- second one! - they paid under warr.

I have not replaced any on late model US autos. we have many of them in the sales fleet. Some with close to 200K

I just got rid of a 98 Honda 125K -- I thought the belt replacement was at 120K on that car? My sister works for me and it was her company car -- she has had two Honda's - I have to say that I did not find them to be trouble free. We replaced it with a select Lexus (her choice - I must admit a smooth car) Lexus does have a 120K belt replacement.

The theory on the pump replacement is to do it because you have it all out. This is not allways the case -- on some cars the belt can just be replaced -- much cheaper.

A few things I can say:

Get the belts (some have two in there!) from the dealer - they are not much more $$ and they will fit -- you want the same teeth-- some come as a kit!

I can not see how they know you need a new pump if the old one is not leaking - I also feel you would see something!

The belt has teeth on it - and will not be harmed by antifreez in any event.

Waterpumps are not lubed by the coolent I am not sure how this started -- they have sealed bearings and are trashed when they leak -- the weep hole in the pump is to warn you the main seal has failed!

Check the manual to see when it actually needs to be replaced -- I have had service people say things -- just to sell service!

If you are at a Honda dealer - the price they gave you is very good for the total service.
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