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Yeldogt, I agree and disagree. I believe the mechanic was correct in telling duckmuck that the timing belt needed replacement together with the water pump, but for the wrong reason. It's a tough sell to tell someone he needs to replace a part that is still working and has no outward appearance of being worn. The mechanic told a little white lie to properly replace the belt.

Most people I've talked to agree that when one (water pump or timing belt) is replaced, so is the other. It's only prudent to replace the other part when everything is taken apart down to where you can get at the part..... especially on a Honda with 77,000 miles on the original parts. Both of these parts are wear items. I'd hate to replace one, only to have the other item go shortly after, and pay for labor to have all the same stuff taken apart again.

It's like replacing the head gasket at 150,000 miles, only to find you need the head reconditioned a year later.
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