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Can't leave it the way it is

Greetings All,

I realize some folks would let the situation continue on without fixing it, but if you bring up all my previous posts you'll probably come across my first 50-75 posts and questions concerning a non running diesel 300TD that through troubleshooting and lots of patience it became a great addition to the family, running and with very little outlay of cash because I didn't do the replacement method of troubleshooting to make it happen. I know this is a different animal, but the game is still the same. I wouldn't expect the wife to drive this car daily with it's current running condition so yeah, it's gonna get fixed without using the total part replacement method of troubleshooting.

Chuck, after reading your previous threads on your car condition, it appeared that you had fixed it with the air flow position sensor. This isn't correct then, I take it? I am also wondering what the corrolation would be between the OVP and the rough idle. I have had the antilock light come on a few times and not go off during the duration of the drive and have either replaced the fuse that wasn't blown and wipe the plug in pins off then reinsert it and everything seems fine. Can the OVP cause this rough idle situation? The other question was whether your rough idle situation was gradual or all of a sudden like something stopped working right then? Which is the case on this car. I'd say some of the techs out there can probably narrow it down for us, but still waiting for them to chime in if they will.

Any more ideas, please chime right in

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