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Peter (psfred)
Thanks for the response. I was just about to add to my own thread when I saw you had replied. As you accurately stated, there is no connection between the two issues. I removed, cleaned and adjusted the RR window rocker switch at the console and so far it works. This is the second time I serviced it and will replace it next time (maybe, though it's an easy job to service). The sunroof may be a different story. I had located the motor and relay so that part was easy. After pulling the relay, I took it apart because I was curious. Other than the small circuit board and three windings looked like lots of relays. In order to get the roof to close, I had one of my sons operate the switch while I tapped on the motor. It worked easily after doing that. Not certain what that will lead to but I do know I don't like the price of replacements. Are these serviceable motors?
Thanks again.

PS Do most MB owners enjoy working on these as much as I do (lots)? Terrible to admit but I recently ordered parts from our FastLane and can't wait for them to arrive so that I can do more!
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