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Unhappy Hit me with your best shot!!!!

My question is when will clients take accountiblity for their cars as well?
I got yelled at by some puetz today for having failed spark plugs in his 98' Ml with 147,000 mi. He honestly belived, he shouldn't have to pay for maintinence costs. I told him the plugs were actually due at 100,000 miles and he called me a F***IN
thief to my face.
"you mean to tell me after I paid 40 grand for this damn thing,
You still expect me to pay for this crap!? This thing should be maintinence free!"

I am honestly sorry If your car is broken and out of warranty.
I am even more sorry if it was a known fault.
Going into dealers and threatening to sue them and get the mechanics fired for this is not a good approach.
I had to buy a Balancer for My 99 E55 and it cost $600 for just
the part. No help, no goodwill. Ok, so I know how you all feel.
But, remember we did not build or design your car. Just sales
and service to the best of our abilities.

So please, on behalf of all honest technicians. Please don't come in and spit, swear, or put voo-doo curses on us.
Telling us we are F 'in theives and telling us you will sue will not
make us want to go out on a limb to help you.

Now you may proceed with all the nasty replies.
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