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well put Kestas -- my point is that as an owner of a company with many many cars. I have been shocked at the things that service writers tell me and also things I hear them say to customers.

Some of it is because they do not know the actuall requirements of the specific model but other times it is just to add to the bill.

Like telling an older Lincoln owner that he should change his spark plugs at 30k before he drives to florida (at $120.00) an possibly all his belts and hoses - this on a 2001 car that they have not even looked at yet! Then he commented on the fuel filter!

also my thng with the timing belt is that some are much easier than others and do. Some do not require the pump to come out -- many time people are just told to "change the belt at 50k" -- when the belt is not to be change until 100k - the auto co's build in a hefty saftey margin.
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