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65mph & No Brakes (w108)

Yeah, it got pretty scary when all of a sudden I had completly no brakes and I was moving at about 65MPH. Seconds before the brake failure, I noticed gray smoke coming from the front wheel wells. There was none/vey little from under the hood. Although, I was still doing 65MPH, the smoke was still easily seen, so it must of been alot of smoke.

After I managed get the car off the freeway, using a combination of low gears and the parking break, I looked the car over. nothing brake fluid leaking, plenty of brake fluid in the little tanks above the master cylinder. The only miss was that the cap of the two brake fluid tanks was soaked with brake fluid, but not enough to make the brake fluid level go below min. I waited and waited hoping that the brakes would have to cool off, and that would ragain that pressure. But, that didn't work.

So, what could have happened. The brake failure was all-a-sudden. No warning, no sounds, just no brakes.

The model is a '69 280S (w108). I've had it for about a month.
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