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Time Out for the Diesel Benz

Greetings All,

Took this day off to get my 300SD back to where it needed to be as far as front brakes, new rotors, wheel bearing repack and the left outer tie rod end. Actually everything went quite smoothly despite the defiant tie rod end replacement. I didn't figure it would cooperate, but as things go, it didn't have any choice and got changed anyway. Makes a big difference with more than an 1/8 inch of brake pad and the new end seems to have gotten rid of the creak while turning the wheel at a stand still. I'm pleased with it, at any rate. Next venture on this beast will be a condenser change out as I suspect the other one is leaking. Just need a few hours of free time and that will be another job completed.

Yeah, if I can avoid the inevitable 300E problem I am still experiencing, I should be able to get every routine item done on my car before the snow flies. Did a little research on the OVP and noticed there were a few different relays used depending on the application and year you have as well as the testing on the alternator to ensure proper voltage response based on the rpm, year and model of your Benz. I'll have to check these items out to ensure the process of elimination. The cd on this car sure doesn't go into any great detail on any other item causing problems. Sad that no other mechanical items are even mentioned that could affect idle or the lack of. I'm still not convinced that any owner should have to just buy every item on a long list to see if it fixes the problem. If that were the case I'd rather spend the money and time to drive the 12 hours down to autowerks and let them diagnose the problem for me. I'm sure most merc. techs have seen this problem come and go daily and know the most likely cause. I'd just wish they would chime in with some helpful info to lead me in the right direction for decent troubleshooting.

Any other ideas out there, don't hesitate

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