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Unhappy SLK vario roof problems

Model : UK SLK 230 2001

as I am knew to this forum and Mercedes ownership please go gentle on me !!!

I have recently purchased a 2001 UK SLK 230 and have noticed some scratches on the rear edge of the vario roof centre section that run centrally approx 6" along the length of the roof. The paint is scratched quite deep and I am concerned that the roof is contacting the trunk lid when closing or opening the vario roof.

I have also had difficulty opening the trunk sometimes and am guessing that if the trunk doesn't open and the roof starts to move before the trunk opens (when the roof is down and inside the trunk) it may hit the inside top of the trunk.

Are there any known problems with the mechanism that may lead to a potential collision and this damage, or are the scratches being caused by something else ?

Thanks in advance for your help guys ...
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