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I love the car, the whole brake issue is only a set back to me. The main problem I have with the car is the 10-12MPG. I'm a full time student/ work part time. I'm struggling to pay from my rising tution, and simply can't afford the luxury of owning a gas guzzler, no matter how much I enjoy. If the car did atleast 18MPG, I would consider keeping it, but currently it's killing me.

So, don't get me wrong the W108 is a great car, but simply doesn't fit my daily driver needs. And I can't afford to have it as a car on the side. So... I'm sorta forced to have to let it go. Hey, but if you wish to take it off my hands, please be my guest. Atleast I'll know it will be going into good hands.

New Developments:
I tried to pump the air and whatever else out of the brake system. The only place that reacted to the pumping was the right front. Nothing came out of the rest. I also pumped the resivours. Now I have a little brake power. My plan now is to drive it (easy) to a MB shop about 15 miles away, during the middle of the night. This way there will be less traffic for me to worry about. The MB tech at the shop is a family friend, and is confident he can fix the problem, with all his pro tools. I'll write back, as soon as I can, with what I learn.
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