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argh!!! more 300e problems

I was driving my 87 300e today and when I turned the a/c on it reeked of burning oil. I had smelled this faintly before, but now it has become much worse. I lose 1 qt. of oil every 750 miles, but there's no sign of leaks after a thorough degreasing and removal of the plastic undercarriage guard. I can't even get to my spark plugs to check if I have faulty valve guide seals because the wires won't come off the plugs (probably melted on b/c car ran hot constantly). Then, I get to where I'm going and exit the car only to find that the entire casing for my left directional is hanging off the car by the wires connected to the bulb (the plastic clips broke off the casing). After that I opened the right backseat door and it would not close. I ended up snapping the metal strip that keeps the door from swinging open freely, just to close the door. Tomorrow I am going to drive the car into the nearest large body of water. Can anyone help me?
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