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Great tool tip and reason for tapping

Im having this tapping noise from the passenger side cylinder bank and today I found the reason why. One of the rocker arms was worn down about 1 mm (1/20 inch yikes)!!! I found it with the help from this list and all the different clues posted.

In the process and as a result of frustration that the dealer was not open today, I figured out a way to avoid bying the special tool required to compress the valves, such that the rocker arms etc could be removed for inspection.

I rotated the cam until the valve was compressed and the I inserted a bent pair of pliers that sneaked in under the aluminum brackets that hold the camshaft to the cylinder head. The bend in the pliers was under the bracket and on top of the valve washer but without toching the valve shim. The handle of the pliers rested against the aluminum bracket.

I then rotaded the cam about 45 degrees (carefully) and the pliers held the spring compressed such that the rocker arm could be removed as well as the shim.

I feel great at the moment because of the simplicity of this solution (the good steak and the beer I had certainly also helps) but mostly because I found the reason for the tapping noise.

If I only knew how to attach a picture to this mail I could show You all how the pliers looks like when theyre holding the valve compressed.

Ooh - I also made the sad experience today that I cant order from fast lane since Im in europe. Its a pity because the prices are so much better there than at the local dealer. Anyone knows a similar site that I could order from and that ships overseas? Or maybe a European site?

This list is great and if anyone can inform me how to attach a picture Ill show You all how to avoid bying this spring compressor,

Thanks again,

Mikael Westerberg
1984 500 SEL
Vanersborg, Sweden
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