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That is a good point Wes.

Here is my list of MB all-stars:

'78-'80 300SD - Faster than the 126 300SDs and miles of style. EXCELLENT handling in my opinion - a real road car. Since you live in Arizona, rust is not an issue, which is the only real issue other than the climate control.

'77-'79 450SEL - Gas hog, but if that doesn't matter to you it's a nice choice. What I will drive when i live in a climate with no snow.

81-84 (126 300SD) - Not as fast or fun as the first generation SD's, but a true economy luxury hybrid. more modern than 116 chassis.

Manual 240D - a true cult classic and for a reason.

'82-'85 300D - same chassis as 240, but with more power and a mandatory automatic transmission.

'89 - '90 300SE(L), 420SEL, 560SEL. '91's have no swith to control the power antenna and that irks me. I am picky.

'91- '93 300D 2.5 - 35mpg.

This is my list of winners. Mike
'90 300SE 298k
-300K and it gets put into retirement.
'80 300D 255k Purchased new by family in 1980.

Had a:
1973 220 (gas)
1980 300SD
1992 400E
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