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Spark plugs boots will be STUCK -- get the removal tool, a pair of long nosed pliers with semicircular grips to pull on the boot ONLY -- if you pull on the wire, it will come loose and give you spark problems. A common problem. Use some silicone lube when you put them back on so they don't stick again.

Burning oil smell sounds like a leaking valve cover gasket, but if it is worse when the AC is on, you are either getting more sucked in than usual, or the belt is slipping and burning, too. This usually shuts the AC off, though. Check belt tensioner and for oil leaking around the valve cover gasket. A bad oil cap gasked will also leak considerable oil.

A quart of oil in 750 miles down the valve guides will give you blue smoke once in a while, especially on startup.

The smell of burning oil is usually oil burning off the exhaust manifold from valve cover or filler cap gasket leaks. Not much will reach the ground past the manifold.

Check eBay for turn signal lamp housings, I got a pair cheap last year to replace a damaged one on the 300TE. $25 for the pair, I think.

The door check has broken on the door, and is stuck. Costs about $21 on FastLane, a quick and easy fix once you get the door panel off. Instructions are available if you need them.

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