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New Developments:

I along with the mechanic tied bleeding the brakes again. The only one that blead anything, was the right front. Than we used an air pressure hose and pump to try to unclog the lines. All of them cleared up, except for the rear right. Eventually we took of the thick rubber brake hose that runs to the break, and cleared it out with copper wire. After intsalling it back, that side blead. We drained out the old nasty brake fluid and replaced it with new brake fluid.

The mechanic ordered 4 of those brakes lines, since the rest of them are probably in bad shape. They should come in Monday. I picked up the master cylinder today, and hope to get it installed this weekened.

One Problem Though....

On my way back from the mechanic, my brakes worked well. Except for the fact that they seemed to overheat, anjd smoke. I'm assuming there is too much break pressure in the brake system, even when not braking. While I waited for the brakes to cool off, I called the mechanic, and he said that installing the new master cylinder will solve this problem.

Does everything he said add up? Any theories as to what the problem maybe? Any questions?
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