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I am currently looking at building a new shop, but I will do a steel building since I live in the country with plenty of room and don't have to make it "match" the house.

Since I office at home now, I will build an office in the building to help justify the project. I want an office a room behind the office for reloading and various small item bench work. In addition to that, three good size stalls, a carwash/paintbooth stall and a small wood shop.

I have thought about a lift, but thought that they were more expensive than this. One of the links in dmorrisons links was a two post "Gemini" for $2295. I thought that a two post was more like $8,000. That was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for posting the links.

Both of the shops Cap'n Couragesous showed look great, but probably expensive per square foot.

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