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Haha, sorry to laugh but the same thing happened to me when I first bought my car. Did you just recently buy yours?

I can give you an easy answer.

#1) Our cars are factory set to start in 2nd gear, therefore you will only hear a 2-3 and then a 3-4 shift, hence there not being a top gear. This can be over-ridden with a transmission modification, or you can also place the shift lever all the way back into the "2" position at a dead stop and this will lock you into 1st gear.

#2) I believe the rear gearing in your TE is 3.27 rather than (2.73?) or something of the sort, basically the TE's had a higher ratio which in turn gives better throttle response and acceleration, but hurts gas milage.

Anyways I think that answers it accurately although I am no mechanic. If the pros can confirm this then I'd be happy
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