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I have nothing against spending money on one's hobbies. I got into cars wasting my college money (as my dad used to say) on hotrods.

My problem is when you characterize the car with your learning failures. The car is not costly because of its character. It is costly because you choose to play with it instead of having a profession simply put it back on the road.

I see my participation in these DIY projects as the supreme conquest of my art: to get those lost in the forrest to see the light. All without the aid of standard industry tooling and face to face contact. The biggest problem I have always seen from young techs (and I suppose it also happens in other sophisticated endeavers) is that when the light bulb first lights they think that they personally have aquired the "Holy Grail".

I see it all the time here! Should I enter each such post and tell them they ain't got a clue; it wouldn't improve my stock. My comments were addressed to the question: what would a professional do. The answer can only hurt those who have strengthened their egos by accomplishing something that would professionally cost MONEY. With the accomplished job comes their concept that they are on a par with those who would have taken their money. They have fallen into that young tech trap.

As it turns out with the young tech, the industry swallows him if he doesn't quickly learn his foolishness. With a DIYer they can spend their whole life in such a cloud. At times its my job to poke holes in that cloud and try and put some context to our condition.

Lots of good work has been done on these forums by some very unskilled labor. Maybe the worse thing that can come of it is when that DIYer starts thinking they are just as good as a professional. How else can I answer the question: what would a professional do. We would do our job and go on to the next!
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