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Well, I'll take your word for the axle ratio. It would seem that perhaps there is another factor at work in the poor mpg I have observed. Any ideas? The parking brake was not on, the tires are correctly inflated, wasn't carrying a great deal of weight, no strong wind, A/C was set on economy setting. I would have expected the "economy gauge" to have been parked at the far right side if I were getting such poor mileage. I left town with the tank reading straight up .5 tank, when I returned about 105 miles later, the reserve light came on as I exited the interstate.

Air filter has recently been changed, plugs look OK. The car is kind of sluggish though at low speed. It moves along very well on the highway, (sluggishness result of starting in 2nd?)

I know there's something going on. Too great of a change in economy here.

If anyone has an idea where else I might direct my attention I would appreciate your input.
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