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Meguiar's #9 is designed for minor swirl marks. If your paint is deeply scratched aka "burned" by automated car washes then you are looking at something much more serious. Also, #9 is heavily elbow grease dependent. It isn't like #7 which is just apply and remove. #9 works best when you apply then really work the surface before removal, that is why an orbital buffer helps. There are more aggressive products from Meguiar's if the #9 just isn't getting to the scratches you have. You may want to call them for the best recommendation. Their product info line should be on any of the bottles of Meguir's stuff you purchased. Once you do find something aggressive enough to remove the swirls, then backtrack up the product line. example: If you need medium cut to get out the swirls, then use fine cut, then #9, then #7, then wax. (#26 or Gold Class)

Best of luck and let us know how it goes....Lee
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