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ASR light and no power!!!!

I am cruising at 85 MPH heading south on the Turnpike back to Miami and everything seems great.
Suddenly the car seems to hesitate just a bit...
I play with the gas pedal a bit accelerate, decelerate between 75 and 90 MPH and it seems OK again.
OK, I am back to cruising speed and suddenly the ASR light comes on solid and it feels like someone uhooked my gas pedal. Absolutely no reaction and I am slowly loosing speed.
At this point I put the pedal to the metal and I am almost able to hold 50 MPH, but still loosing ground.
I gave up and pulled over placed it out of gear and it idled just fine ASR light still on. Slightly hit the accelerator.... NOTHING happens.
Well I shut it down getting ready to call a tow truck and in my desperation give it one last try.
It cranks right up and voila, there she goes as if nothing happened.
NOW is that strange or what?

Anyone has some insights as to what just happened?
'07 ML320 CDI (398 ft lbs / 1400 RPM)
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