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First drive Impressions

Thanks to all who provided feedback on my possible purchase of a 91' 300 SEL. Have had the car all weekend and put many miles on it. Just scheduled to drop it off to my mechanic tomorrow for a pre-purchase inspection. Actual mileage at about 96,700. As many of you offered, its a dog off the line, especially compared to my 86' 735i BMW (not that the Bimmer is fast). However, the car rides incredible. More body roll than I would like, but again, its not a sports car. As I stated in my previous post the car is almost mint. One small door ding (repaired) and a small front bumper scuff and thats it. No leaks, window noise, rattles, all service records since day one. Its smoke silver (pewter) with the creme interior. Very classy. My BMW is in very good shape for an 86' with high miles (190,000), but its loose. It just doesn't feel new like the Benz does.

We ahvn't talked price yet so that may still kill it for me. I will have to sell the e23 plus my parts car (87' e23) and still come up with cash I'm sure. Any feedback what the 91' is worth - assuming a clean bill of health from the mechanic?

Maury Chatellier
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