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1994 C280 electrical woes

The weirdest thing started happening Sunday morning.

Drove the car home Saturday night with only a little bit of a problem starting. I had to turn the key for a while to get it to start turning over, then I pumped the gas just a bit and it started. Drove it home about 30 miles without any problems.

Started it sunday morning and the ABS light started blinking and the engine was cycling between about 1200rpms and 500 rpms...up...down...up....down.

Tried to turn on the radio, it would raise the antenna, but the tuner would never work. A/C didn't work and cruise was out. I went ahead and drove it...about 15 miles later, it seemed to clear up.

However, the radio will come on at the strangest times and just go right back off. A/C is working and cruise will work sometimes.

Could this be related to the wiring harness?? I posted a message a while back about starting problems and a few people said the wiring harness? needs to be replaced.

Also, I have noticed a couple of wires near the front of the engine where the insulation has been coming off and I can see the the actual copper's just above the brake resevoir (or is it power steering resevoir).
1994 C280 204k miles
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