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Dr D.

Point well taken. I didnt mean to come off as cynical about Mechs and Techs. but ultimately, all manufacturers look at the impact of the recall than the actual cost. I am sure, if there is no PR and quality related backlash in public sentiment issue, most OEMs would own up more of their problems. I am sure MErcedes didn't make it. Some supplier did. However, from what I know, recalls associated with non-lethal issues are faster to come by than associated with admission of bad product in cases otherwise. I am sure Ford pushed it under the rug as long as it did. Also, if you look at Ford today, they are suffering the consequences of it. You didnt buy another Ford.. Did you? So was everyone else who had an issue. They are customers gone for god for ever.

Look back and what does ford have to speak highly of? No popular car except the semi-succesful Focus. All product lines suffering from lack of better sales and or lack of margin.. Any money they made is from their 'non-ford image linked divisoons like Jags and Volvo. Can't believe inspite being in sweet spot of the market, Explorer didn't fare all that great over the past few months.. For what it should have been a great model redo, they are doing so-so. Anyway, Ford, will easily come through this, I am buying their stock right now (for the past 3 months) as I believe they hit their bottom already and learned from it. Also, they will have ton of people who are scooted out and or retired/moved away since then. Lets hope for a good looking , well behaving 500 car. I hear that's what they are calling the next Taurus..
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