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300E - Question on removing water pump

On my '86 300E I'm in the process of replacing the fan clutch bearing bracket and the belt tensioner, so I've already got most of the stuff off the front of the engine. It seems like a good time to replace the water pump as I think it's still the original at 120k miles and I've got some detectable up and down play in the shaft.

My question is whether or not I have to pull off the intake manifold to reach the inboard upper and lower water pump bolts, or can I get at them with a long extension and/or wobbly.

Also, does the new water pump come with any of the seals or gaskets needed?

I know I also have to replace the metal pipe that runs transversely from the side of the pump, but do I also have to replace the lower radiator hose as listed in FastLane? I replaced this one about a year ago. Do they make more than one depending whether you're using the early or late water pump?


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