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I'll definitely Roger that auto darkening helmet. All I have is a stick welder and finally learned to weld good enough to keep my farm machinery mud daubed together. Once I got an auto darkening helmet I turned into a pretty fair welder. When my daughter and I were racing Karts I welded together some carts for the Karts using thin wall square tubing and 5/32 rod. I did pretty good. Once I did the thinwall I considered myself a pretty good country boy welder.

Some day I might get a wire welder of some sort, but the crackle box is there and I can use it. If I get to a point where I need to do alot more welding, I'll invest in an up to date welder.

With all the wire welders and such taking over, you would expect that a crackle box would be a $25 garage sale item.

Have a great day,
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