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1995 s320 driveability problem

Ex customer of mine but still good friend has 1995 S320. been to dealer 3 times .Dealer replaced engine harness and #1-2 coil. Been to my old shop same # of times. Fault intermittent. Hard acceleration appears to drop one or more cylinders .Sometimes, prolonged acceleration will drop more and car will hardly run.
codes in HFM 0
codes in EACCISC 182
(safety fuel shut-off)
codes in DM 35 36 37 39
(injector or wiring short)
after codes reset next codes 35 37 39
If car is turned off and restarted everything back to normal except for check engine light which resets after a while
120000 miles
engine also has cold run inlet backfire after first start
any ideas?
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