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Not a bad idea


Mike the suppressors he is talking about are the metal encased ends to your spark plug wires that attach to the spark plug end. This item can be individually changed out verses the entire cable and other end. I changed out two of them about a year or so ago because of breakage and have one spare on hand. Do you geeseed have any troubleshooting units of measurement for the cable to determine whether they are good or bad? I was starting to suspect that my coil was going out on me, but haven't been able to find a test procedure for that one either on the cd manual. Just felt the longer I sat in drive and not moving that the engine was basically loading up. The temp rise on the engine could be that I was running the a/c during the test to determine whether engine temp played a part in how fast the idle problem started and to what degree it got worse as the engine temp rose. As mentioned, the problem esculated as the engine temp rose, so there is some corrolation between the two. Any thought or test procedures you might have, please chime in.

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