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Any sugggestions for GM problem???

I am having a heck of a time, along with my mechanic, in trying to fix my sisters 1991 Old Cutlass Sierra.

Do you all have any other forums I might call on?

For what it's worth, the car will not start. It had no spark so we changed the ignition module and the 3 coils that go along with it. 2 per each cylinder.

It started and ran fine for about a day, then back to square one. Checked for faulty grounding and found the harness that goes form the crank sensor to the module witha short in it. Changed the harness and the sensor. Nothing.

Changed the cpu and zilch. No trouble codes have appeared either.

My sister is driving me crazy using me as a taxi, but she's had it since new and want's to fix her up. Was running perfect, with 155,000 miles prior to this problem.

Suggestions? Ideas?


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