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My Brother's Retirement Shop...

Hi there,
My brother is about to retire, probably next summer, and has bought 5 acres from a part of the family farm, and so far has erected his "barn", which in our county can be built without a permit! (A "Shop" needs a permit here, but if it has a tractor in it, it can be a "Barn", and no permit is needed!) It's 56' x 62', with a second story on most of it, I forget the total square footage, but the second floor alone has 2700 ft. The bay on the right side has a 12' door, and no second floor, so the backhoe and motorhome both fit in there just fine. The rest of the barn has 10 ft ceilings. There is a hole in the floor above the 4 post hydraulic lift. It has a heated cement floor (hydronic heating) It has a bathroom, shower, and connections for washer/dryer, also has full inside hookups for the motorhome (A GMC, in this case) The roof has a 4 foot overhang in front, and a 20 foot cement pad in front. The 5 hp air compressor is located on the second floor, and is piped throughout the barn. There is a 400 amp Tig welder with watercooling located under the stairway, right next to the left front door. So far he has collected some tools: Valve Grinding machine, seat grinder, 12" metal lathe, distributor tester, computerized air conditioning tester/charger for R12, Air conditioning reclaiming/recycling machine, 4 gas exhaust gas analyzer, (all tools except the cabinets from the Oregon Surplus web site, most look like new!) and some other tools and a heavy metal worktable. He has also started hauling cars up, and so far has the following, as near as I can recall: Mercedes 380SL, 1980 Corvette, 2000 Corvette, 1965 Jag Mk II, 1982 Jag Vandenplas, 1965 Buick Skylark convertible, 196? Studebaker Avanti, 1954 Studebaker, '40's Military Jeep, TR6, Also I am parking a couple of my vehicles there for safe storage - 1977 Jag XJ6 and 1977 280Z. He has 4 tractors parked in it so far - a Kubota L225, Kubota L305DT, Ford 8N, and Ford 841D industrial Backhoe. The second floor is pretty empty right now, but when they move I expect it will fill up for awhile, until they build the house to go along with the shop!! Here's a picture taken right after it was completed.
Larry, I'll bet this one is somewhat like what you'd like.
Hope it gives someone a few ideas - by the way, it cost just a little over 80K.
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