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Brother's Shop....

Hi Cap'n,
Sure, there's still room to navigate around the area, although the Merc is parked on the car lift. There won't be when he brings the rest of the vehicles up, though!! He still has 4 cars and 2 tractors in CA - the house will have a 3 car garage, however. His present plans are to build another parking shed for most of the tractors. Oh, I forgot to mention the 3 three-wheeler Hondas and the Club Car golf cart and the old Honda Trail 90..., also the half-dozen or so engines and transmissions. The car lift has a hole above it, and right now we have two electric winches to hoist equipment upstairs, a fast one and a slow one that lifts more weight. The plan is to make a box that will sit on the car lift that we can raise items to the second floor on. The hoist arrangement isn't done yet, we are going to install a walking beam so we can mount one of the winches on it to lift heavy items and move them onto the second floor more easily also. He has been saving some of the cars for retirement projects - the jeep is slated for a ford small block transplant, the TR6 is getting a 215 inch aluminum block V8, and the Studebaker Avanti is slated for a T700R4 transmission. He hopes to be able to do a little head work on the side when he retires, and has always wanted a nice place to work in. The car lift is certainly a great thing to have, I recently replaced the flex plate in my '88 Astrovan, and with the carlift and the transmission jack it turned it into a 2.5 hr sweat-free job with no bending at all.
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