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Also the "light bulb out" indicator system is very sensitive to poor quality bulbs. I went through this, or been there, done that. The system relies on and expects the bulbs to be of a specific wattage and resistance. Other than bulbs meeting spec will often set the system off.

Cheap replacement bulbs are NOT OEM spec. Often the cheap bulbs are made of brass metals.

While looking at Kragens for bulbs over a weekend I noticed bulb packaging with "OEM spec" on them. I have used these repeatedly with good success.

With each acquistion of a car, I always remove all the bulbs. I look for dull yellowed ones and replace them and bulbs with corrosion around the connectors. I use a rag with a very very light coating of WD40 (which allows electrical conduction) and clean them before putting them back.

I always put new bulbs in the license plate illumination sockets because it makes the car appear well at night. New or non-dulled ones also just make the car look fresh at night.

To further the obsession, I remove the light housings and clean the relectors. On older cars it is amazing how much dust and grime accumulates.

I am sure this probably all goes back to almost running into the back of a car at high-speeds in Colorado years ago. Oh, that car's lights were all on but just dull, dim and hardly appeared. I was very shaken by the event. My friends used to laugh at me when stopping for gas at night, I would wipe and wash off the headlights and tailights.

I never have problems with the reporting system. If the bulb-out light does go on, I know I have a bulb out.

Hope this helps,

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