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I'm no expert but

Here is the States,(we're always a year behind Europe) the 1992-93 MB S Class Flagship Sedan(saloon for you folks on the other side of the pond) with the V12 engine was dubbed 600SEL. In 1994 MB (again at least here in the states) went to a different naming convention and put the class designation first followed by the engine size. So the 1994-2001 S Class Sedan (saloon)with the V12 were designated S600. The Big Coupe (2 door) in both V12 and V8 variety went from 600SEC/500SEC to CL600/CL500 respectively. As for differences, I'm sure there were minor changes made over the lifespan of the vehicle. Similar to those changes undergone by the 86-95 W124 E Class. Hope this helps at least a little bit

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