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cruise control question

I need help,I did a search but did not find a similiar problem. The cruise control amp was replaced 18 months ago with a new unit. All was fine until about four months ago then the first occurance of the problem happened. I was driving on the Interstate and dis-engaged the cruise( using the column switch). The cruise would not re-engage. No function would work. I stopped and turned off the ignition and then restarted and it worked fine. Since then it has happened this same way three more times at long intervals between occurances.
If I dis-engage it while driving I lose all function until I stop and shut the ignition off and restart it, then it works fine for a month or so.
I have checked the brake switch and it is set correctly so don't believe it is involved.
Anyone have an idea of what could be wrong?
Please don't tell me the cruise amp is the problem since the unit is out of warranty of course.
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