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1988 190e 2.3 idle stall OVP?

I have a 1988 190e 2.3

for the last 3 or 4 years i have been replacing the OVP every 6 months or so. The car runs great for 6 months, then starts to stall occasionally, the stalling begins to happen at idle or if I am pulling up to a stop light, but gradually gets worse. After another month or so of this it will begin stalling at highway speeds. I pop in a new OVP and it runs perfect for another 6 months.

I was trying to find out the cause of this and thought that maybe the fuel pump relay was causing the OVP to wear out prematuerly. So i ordered a OVP and FPR and installed them both. The car was running fine before i installed the new parts except for the stalling. After i put in the new OVP and FPR it was a little harder to start and stalls all the time at idle now. I pulled out the new FPR and left in the new OVP. It seems a bit better but still idles very low and stalls now and then.

I have studied the posts here religiously but cannot solve this problem. SInce I do not have diagnostic equipment or know how, I tend to pull parts and replace to see if that solves the problem. Would someone please share thier thoughts or similar experiences here? I love this car. This is a great site.
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1988 190e 2.3 - 225K miles, owned for 7 years. I cannot say enough good things about this car. Very well built, even at 225 it ran like new.
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