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more electrical issues on 94 C280

I checked the OVP and it looked good. Don't know how to test it, but it's the new one I believe (looks just like the one in FastLane online catalog with the single 15A fuse).

Problem now is a burning smell in the cabin while driving. It finally occured to me that it had an acidic smell to it. Ah-ha! The battery...which is in the trunk.

Got home, opened the truck lid and as I was lifting the trunk floor/cover, it was HOT! I pulled it up and I could feel the heat coming off the battery...could also here it cooling down...kind of a dripping noise. Scary

What's going on? Is it the alternator? I haven't checked the voltage at the battery, I wanted to go ahead and let it cool down tonight.

I was thinking with the starting problems I've been having and having to crank and crank and crank trying to get it started might have damaged something which in turn is causing the battery to over-charge.

Please help. Thanks.
1994 C280 204k miles
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