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My '85 300SD was the same way.

I did pretty much everything to get the front-end up to speed just to see how much of the play could be attributed to the box.

I had the box adjusted once at MBA by Donnie. As far as I know, he simply adjusted the same screw (or whatever it is) that you'll hear everyone talking about.

The affect of this was what felt like a tighter steering wheel...because it WAS tighter. But, there was still quite a bit of play.

I then had it adjusted by another MB indy closer to home that informed me that the CORRECT way to make the adjustment was to use MB's documented procedure which requires REMOVING the box and performing torque adjustments to certain things in the box.

He had modified the MB procedure and constructed a jig. After he did it, the *play* is almost NILL!
It certainly cost more to do this than making a quick adjustement, but this procedure WORKS.

He explained to me that adjusting the box the other way ONLY *tightens* the steering but does NOT remove the dead spot (play) in the box. So, there is an illusion of improvement. I'm certainly no expert on this so any rebuttable is certainly welcome.

btw....this indy I speak of says he personally trained Donnie on this procedure.
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