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Tormenting Problem with 95 E320 (Long)

Ok guys, I've scratched my head so much on this one that I'm starting to lose my hair, so I'm hoping there is a savior out there that can lead me to a resolution to this problem I have with my baby......

95 E320, 172k miles, has a stumbling problem that I can't find. Arthur Dalton and myself have troubleshot this problem until he's probably ready to start billing me

Here's the things we've eliminated:

1. EGR/Air Pump and Circuit
2. Cam Advance Magnet and circuit
3. Purge Valve
4. O2 sensor
5. Coils and resistor boots
6. Wiring Harness
7. Operating Voltage

So what I have to start with is a code 11 out of socket 14 which is a fuel safety shut-off signal code. That's the only code that seems to keep coming back after I clear them. My car runs fine except under a load, partial throttle, around 2000rpm to 4000 it will stumble like crazy acting like the cam advance magnet/curcuit is bad but it isn't. Also if I floor it, on occasion, it will hesitate big time around 5000rpm. And every now and then when I'm sitting at a stop light it will stumble. If you take off gently, cruising down the highway, and don't ever put the engine under a heavy load/downshifting into 3 - 1 gears you'll never know there is a problem. Cruise works great with no problems as well.

Engine temp. doesn't seem to matter, and this problem only showed up when it started getting hot here in Atlanta.

I've done some reading on the fuel safety shut-off signal but can't figure out where it is (inside the ISC unit?) nor how to properly test/fix it.

One note of interest is that I can make the stumbling go away if I unplug the cam advance magnet, that's what Arthur and I originally thought was causing the running problem until I ran some test on it per the manual and it checked out fine.

I'm getting really frustrated with this because I feel like I'm going in a hundred different directions and have yet to solve this mystery.

Someone please help me keep my hair and sanity
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