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Problem fixed thanks to all you guys.

I want to thank all the good friends that replied to my thread. With the help of Steve, M.B. Doc, Randy, Gilly, Azhari and others, I found that the 2ry pump check valve (part # 126 270 05 89) broke and the top cap along with a small spring inside the valve went into the suction port of the pump gears and locked the drive gear. This broke the 2ry pump drive gear piston (engage the governor with the drive gear) and the split roll pin of the governor worm gear. I bought a used piston, replace the governor pin with a new one (size 5/32") from the hardware store and replace the check-valve ($8.00, although the price list is only $2.00). I followed M.B. Doc recommendation of leaving out the 2ry pump gears.

This problem is reported in the MB Transmission Microfiche for the 722.4. Mine is 722.361 and it happened the same way they describe it. I hope this information can help others with this type of symptoms of no upshift.

I am back on the road again although I am still testing it. I have drove approx. 20 miles and it seems to be back to normal.

Thank you all again. I will post other question about flickering lights later.

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