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Thanks for the input, I think that I will have the dealership change the trans fluid. To BlackMercedes I was driving today from Folsom to my home, 20 miles on freeway 90 odd degrees. I put on the climate control, set it a little low to 65 degrees after 5 mins the car cooled down nicely. Just as I was thinking how nicely it was working (six hours after putting the question on this site) suddenly the fan dropped to almost nothing, raised to full, dropped again, raised again then settled. Only seconds between each change I may add. Do you or anybody else have a chart of optimum values for the a/c if I get into the output from the control head. Thanks Phil.
Totally off the subject, I changed the battery a couple of days ago (it was original). I know that it reset the computer, it drove better. It seemed to affect the steering though or am I imagining it.
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