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'95 E420 Evaporator Repair - help with parts

I'm about to tackle the dreaded evaporator repair on my 1995 E420. A dye test indicated that the evaporator is leaking - and the system fully loses a charge in 3 days.

In reading through past forums - I know that there are things I should do while the dashboard is out - but I've heard conflicting advice based on my model year.

I've heard that it is advisable to:

1) Change all of the vacuum actuators for the HVAC system, and

2) Change the Heater Core O-rings.

As part of the evap repair - I'll be replacing the expansion valve and receiver dryer as well.

My 2 questions are:

1) Regarding vacuum actuators - I've heard that the 94/95 W124s use a different actuator design than earlier cars. Is this true - and does anyone know if the later design is less likely to fail? George Murphy of Performance Analysis says that he almost never sells actuators for a 1995. Could this be age related or design related?

2) Is there anything else I should do while I have the dashbord out? I really don't want to have to pull it again for an el cheapo part that could easily be replaced now.

Thanks again for all of the help from the MerecedesShop dwellers. I've owned my E420 for 3 months now - and I've already saved quite a bit of money doing DIY instead of expensive dealer repairs.

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