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95 E320

Recently put on new resistor ends and plugs on my E320 wagon.

When I put the cover back on, two of the bolts wouldn't tighten. When I dropped these two bolts in the holes, instead of sticking up a 1/4" or so, they rested completely on the bottom of the recess in the cover. Which means that the threaded ends had nothing to catch on. (This is a new car to me, first time to have the cover off, and didn't notice when removing it if the bolts were loose then).

Took the cover off again, looked at everything, looked like all wires and wire holders were placed correctly. Since I also have a 95 E320 sedan, I pulled it up along side, took off it's cover, and compared the two.

Everything was identical.

So, I buttoned everything back up and have been driving the wagon for a couple of days.

But, I'm curious. Has anybody else had the same ecperience?

Is there a fix?

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